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Go-To-Market Strategy and Execution

Easily scale your capabilities

Experts in enterprise software

Why are Product Marketing and tech Alliances Important?

Too many companies have learned the hard way that 'a good product sells itself' is typically not the rule. Product marketing drives a company's product-market fit articulation and is foundational to awareness and demand generation programs. And the right technical alliances amplify and reinforce your value message.


Foundational go-to-market responsibilities include:

  • Product-market fit

  • Tell the story

  • Drive internal alignment

  • Ecosystem leverage

How FlexGTM Can Help You

A major challenge that many software companies face is the lack of optimal product marketing and technical alliances bandwidth. That's because go-to-market (GTM) skills and subject matter expertise (SME) are hard to find and expensive. FlexGTM adds go-to-market bandwidth when and where you need it most, whether as an on-going or short-term basis.

  • Augment your go-to-market expertise

  • Add instant subject matter expertise (SME)

  • Uncover issues with a go-to-market health check

Monthly subscription service

Gain seasoned expertise without breaking the budget. Take confidence in a guaranteed set number of days per month, typically ranging from 3-8 days to draw upon seasoned go-to-market experience.


"... Our brand transformation into an enterprise provider would not have been possible without Andrew's immense contributions--I'm very grateful!"

- Eric Brown, VP of Corporate Marketing at DataStax



"... Andrew is very collaborative in his approach ... very effective in dealing with high level executives and his style, complimented with his knowledge, builds trusting and lasting relationships with those executives..."

- Clive Harrison, SVP Worldwide Field Operations at Jaspersoft


Andrew Lampitt


Andrew has more than twenty years of go-to-market experience in enterprise software. His expertise includes product marketing, strategic sales and business development, OEM, and technical alliances.

His enterprise software domain expertise covers products in data, cloud, and application development.

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