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How FlexGTM Can Help You

A major challenge that many software companies face is the lack of optimal product marketing and technical alliances bandwidth. That's because go-to-market (GTM) skills and subject matter expertise (SME) are hard to find and expensive. And once new go-to-market staff are hired, there is little time for ramp-up under critical deadlines. To make matters worse, it's often not clear where to begin.

FlexGTM adds go-to-market bandwidth when and where you need it most, whether as an on-going or short-term basis. We help you master go-to-market fit, positioning, messaging and stories of business outcome benefits, as well as corresponding content and strategy.

Who we serve

We serve enterprise software vendors with varying requirements

  • Early stage start-ups: we help you launch your go-to-market strategy and activities the right way.

  • Established companies: we can help your product marketing, strategic business development, and technical alliances teams flex their capacity to shore up gaps and take advantage of new opportunities.

Why choose us

We have the combination of both go-to-market and subject matter expertise required to deliver high-quality results quickly.  Our core subject matter expertise (SME) expertise is in cloud, data, and app development segments. So ramp-up time on your offering is minimal.

Go-to-market expertise

We have more than twenty years of experience in product marketing and strategic business development.

  • Personas

  • Messaging & positioning

  • Win / loss analysis

  • Competitive positioning

  • Content & case studies

  • Sales tools

  • Alignment with product management

  • Distribution strategy

  • Strategic alliances

Subject matter expertise

We know these segments cold so ramp up for your market is minimal:

  • Data:

    • Analytics: business intelligence, advanced analytics, big data, data warehouse

    • Database: RDBMS, NoSQL

    • Microbatch: Apache Spark™

    • Streaming data: Apache Kafka™, Amazon Kinesis

    • Middleware: Data integration (ETL/ELT), Application integration

  • Cloud

    • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DevOps, Kubernetes, Dockers / Containers

  • Application development

    • Application Lifecycle Management

    • Business process management / workflow

Proven results

Read about our testimonials.

What we deliver

Augmented go-to-market expertise

Are your GTM efforts under-resourced? With FlexGTM, you can add your capacity in product marketing, strategic business development, and technical alliances teams to shore up gaps or take advantage of new opportunities.

Go-to-market health check

Not clear where to begin? We can provide an 'x-ray' of your current go-to-market status and offer a roadmap of suggested updates. For example, a review of your personas, messaging, go-to-market tactics, content assessment for various stages of the funnel should all be considered before any major changes.

How we engage

Monthly subscription service

No budget for a new full-time resource? With the monthly subscription service, you have a guaranteed set number of days per month, typically ranging from 3-8 days to draw upon seasoned go-to-market experience. Beyond the subscription days, an hourly rate is charged to ensure elastic capacity is available as required.

Be ready for the future

Room to grow

With our extensive network of expert go-to-market peers, you can rely on us to help you gain the capacity you require when you require it.

Your go-to-market insurance policy

The innovation of the software industry is a blessing and a curse. The game changes quickly. New market opportunities arise for both your company as well as your staff. Be assured that your go-to-market institutional knowledge and expertise is available to you no matter what opportunities may arise for your company and no matter what expected staffing turnover may happen.

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