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Why are Product Marketing and tech Alliances Important?

Too many companies have learned the hard way that 'a good product sells itself' is typically not the rule. Product marketing drives a company's product-market fit articulation and is foundational to awareness and demand generation programs.

Product-market fit

In collaboration with product management, product marketing determines the right product market fit through research of customer, industry analyst, and internal stakeholder sources.

Tell the story

Product marketing crafts the story for the right audiences to differentiate 'the old world versus the new world' and how your product changes the game. This story flows through to all content and go-to-market programs.

Drive internal alignment

It's important for your company to come to this conclusion: every employee is a sales and marketing person in some shape and form. Everyone is responsible for conveying the crisp, concise message as to what business value outcome your product delivers. Product marketing crafts that message and provides it in consumable forms for every employee.

Ecosystem leverage

Technical alliances play an important role in spreading and magnifying your product message. Determining the right strategy and articulating how you play in the ecosystem are critical to becoming and remaining relevant.

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