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With more than twenty years of enterprise software experience, FlexGTM Consulting's Principal, Andrew Lampitt has deep and broad go-to-market expertise in segments across data, cloud, and application development. 

"Andrew has been a valuable partner to corporate marketing and communications as a press and analyst spokesperson, content strategist and contributor, launch czar, and campaign ideator. Andrew has made my work and the work of my team smarter, better, and faster--and Andrew has made very complex technology concepts easy for press, influencers, and industry watchers to understand and write about. Our brand transformation into an enterprise provider would not have been possible without Andrew's immense contributions--I'm very grateful!"

- Eric Brown, VP of Corporate Marketing at DataStax



"Andrew understood the importance of providing messaging and content that resonated with our prospects and customers. He was a great partner to the sales team, willing to help collaborate on customized content for specific/strategic meetings with little notice. Andrew delivered both strategically and tactically."

- Tim Nugent, Enterprise Sales Manager at DataStax


"If Sales can be aligned with Marketing then you get greater than the sum of the two parts; with Andrew you get that.

At DataStax I have seen him combine his domain knowledge with geo-dispersed market requirements and corporate messaging to create meaningful content to enable Sales & Marketing execution. Willing to listen to his customers (internal and external) I found Andrew to be highly collaborative and effective in getting the job done. I had direct involvement with him in areas covering Data Security & Data Governance (also linking to GDPR), competitive analysis and positioning as well as in the launch of major product releases such as DSE 6.

A great provider."

- Martin James, Regional Vice-President, Northern at DataStax


"Andrew is a solid product marketing professional whose background and experience gives him the edge over others in our very specialized field. He's juggled multiple, large one-time and ongoing projects (which would have overwhelmed typical marketers) constantly and delivered on each one. Perhaps most impressively, he has interfaced with very intense and demanding product team members who seemingly have no end to constructive feedback, and integrates their input with great patience and speed."

- Robin Schumacher, SVP and Chief Product Officer at DataStax


"Andrew used his network and technology skills to create and grow strategic opportunities at Jaspersoft that positively influenced our monthly numbers and the valuation of the company. He is able to build large deals and relationships without forgetting that regular performance is what grows a company. During this time he built the opportunity funnel from a negligible number to some very significant deals, some of the largest in our company history. Andrew is very collaborative in his approach and has a natural ability to manage through the everyday noise of business and allow his collegues to focus on deals. Andrew is very effective in dealing with high level executives and his style, complimented with his knowledge, builds trusting and lasting relationships with those executives. Andrews talents would be highly valuable to any company he becomes involved with."

- Clive Harrison, SVP Worldwide Field Operations at Jaspersoft


"I've known Andrew for a long time, having worked with him at three different companies. He is extremely smart, knowledgeable and driven and possesses a wide spectrum of skills ranging from product marketing to business development. As an example of his capabilities, Andrew played a critical role in making Jaspersoft one of the top AWS partners and making our product the top selling BI offering on the AWS Marketplace. Andrew is a star player and I would gladly work with him again."

-  Karl Van den Bergh, GM Cloud and Head of Analytics Product at TIBCO


"Over the past many years, I’ve had the privilege to know and work with Andrew as I launched zAgile. Through the course of our relationship, I found him to be sincere, focused, patient, and diligent in his work ethic as he helped a fledgling software company take roots. To zAgile, he brought the energy level required of early-stage founders and the versatility of role playing brought on via valuable experience and skills in a range of areas, including sales development, partnerships and alliances development, as well as product and corporate marketing. He continues to be an advisor to zAgile, always making himself available, thoughtfully analyzing specific situations, and offering the most sincere and pragmatic advice.

- SanjivaNath, CEO at zAgile

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